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Makeup is an ideal way to upgrade your personality and get a look that really makes you stand out among the crowd. Therefore from actresses to bureaucrats as well as housewives all love to put on makeup. A rightly done makeup enhances your natural beauty by many folds and gives your skin even brighter and sharper look.

Here are gives a few helpful makeup tips to make the task of personality-beautification easier for you:

Make Up


When it comes to foundation makeup beauty tips, the first and foremost thing is to pick a product that closely matches your natural coloring. Test the foundation onto your wrist and if it vanishes leaving your skin glowing, the product is just perfect for you. Moreover, you should keep your skin type in mind too. If you’ve dry skin, creamy formulas are best for you; however, if your skin is more on oilier side, go for water-based product instead.


Powder is another makeup-must. It helps you create the desired matte finish and by sopping up the excess oil works to make your makeup lasting. There are two types of face powders—loose and packed. The former is ideal for the daytime as it keeps you looking new throughout the day, whereas the later one is perfect for moving up the makeup and thus are easier to take.

Eye Makeup

A perfect eye makeup look involves a few basic steps:
Start off by priming the lids with a primer or eyeshadow base. It will help making your eye makeup last long. Follow up with a lighter eyeshadow applied in the sockets of eyes; beginning from the inside corner of the eye extend the color upto the outer edge. Thereafter, do moderately thick lining of the peepers with a liquid eyeliner, especially if you want your eyes to appear bigger. Top off the look with several coats of black mascara and you’re done.

Awomensclub is also among the reliable sources. Besides different makeup tips and tutorials, you can also find latest makeup trends and ideas at this platform.

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