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Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss, hair thinning and baldness are among the most deteriorating things one can experience during their life. A normal person loses 50-100 strands per day as 10% of the entire hair density is in shedding phase at a time. However, a major change that disturb the normal growth cycle of hair or damage the hair roots may result in excessive hair loss. This excessive hair loss may be momentary or permanent and lead the patient toward baldness in severe cases.

There is a bunch of reasons that can trigger your hairs to fall out excessively. Heritage, poor dietary habit, nutritional deficiencies, excessive chemical and heat exposure, prolonged ailments etc are some chief contributor too the condition.

Hair Loss Solution

However, unless the issue is hereditary, it is possible to treat the condition. All what needed is to stay with a healthy diet, follow some hair-strengthening tips and consult a dermatologist to get the issue fixed immediately.

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