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Back Pain

Back pain is a common health concern almost everyone has to cope with at any stage of their life. Studies suggest that more or less 75-85% Americans experience some sort of back pain during their life time.

Back pain, in most cases, is not an acute stabbing pain but a little stiffness or tension in the back. It can attack any part of the back but lower back is most susceptible to get affected. In addition, the pain can also be felt along the neck, hips or spine.

Back Pain

If we speak of the causes of back pain, there are several factors worth mentioning. Age factor is the most common justification of developing back pain. Moreover, prolonged illness, hereditary, obesity and unhealthy lifestyle are some other contributors to the issue. Sometimes, gawky posture, sitting or tilting awkwardly or lifting the burden erroneously may also bring about the problem.

However, regardless of the underlying cause, back pain isn’t something fetal and usually gets better by a few weeks provided that you make some effort to get it fixed.

Here are given some helpful tips to avoid and cure back pain

  • Maintain a right posture while standing, sitting, lying and lifting something. Also improve your posture while getting up from sitting or lying position to prevent damage to the back.
  • Never place too much pressure onto your back and make it sure that your back is strong and flexible.
  • Exercise regularly. Yoga is an excellent way to enhance the suppleness of the back muscles.
  • If anyway you manage to get back pain, seek professional advice as soon as possible and use the prescribed pain relievers regularly.