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Brown Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Smoky eyes is a great look and it is one thing that never seems outdated or out of the fashion, it is one simple thing that you can add in your look to create the dramatic look, without being too dark or too dramatic or crazy, no matter what kind of shade you using, a little gold on the inner third of the eye make you look royal queen and make your eyes too bright and too sharp and if you use silver at the inner corner of your eye then you will love your celebrity look, but what I love the most about smoky eyes with black color is bright glittery shimmer on the lid which make you look mesmerizing and classy, you can use any shade you want, but you need to pay attention to blend the things too finally that no one can tell how many shades did you use and how many lines and strokes you made, blending is the key of beautiful  eyes make up and smoky eyes.

First of all apply the moisturizer and then the eye primer and then take a light nude shade and apply all over your lid, if you have smoky completion then you can add yellowish gold too, and then take a soft light shade of brown loss powder and apply over the entire upper crease and then take a bit darker shade of the same brown and apply it in the crease and blend a bit with blending brush, now you need to take a plain chocolate shimmery shade  and create the V at the outer corner and blend it inward with the brush.

Brown Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Now you need to take the 2nd brown shade that we applied at the crease take on pencil brush and apply at the lower lash line, don’t blend it too much or don’t apply a thick line, keep it simple and smooth, and take the same shade and blend it all the way from outer corner to inner corner and keep blending till it losses all the sharp edges, now you need to take the golden brown shadow and close your eyes and apply at inner 1/3 on both sides, then take another brush and poof off all the excessive shade and sooth down the shade and then take peach or light highlighter to enhance the eye brow bone.

Smokey Eye Tutorial For Brown Eyes

Now take a jet black liner pencil and apply a smooth liner on the roots of the lashes and then with small brush smudge the line outward, now you can take some black eye shadow and apply over the outer corner of your eyes, now do the same with lower lash and then apply mascara and you are ready to go.

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