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Brighten The Dark Corners of Your Room

The Dark Corners of Your RoomMany of us may not realize this, but if you have perpetually been feeling fatigued, stressed or cranky, then you might not happy with the place you live, you might not enjoying being there, and it is highly possibly that you might don’t even know that;( well if you feel that you are not happy in your own room or in your own house then you need to take a keen look around your room and its natural source of light, and see if you are happy and you are getting require amount of natural light and fresh air her, It has been scientifically proven that humans actually feel much more better when they are embraced with sunshine and when they get fresh air in the room or the place where they live, which means we don’t like dark spaces and darker and useless places or corners irritate us and put a very bad impact on you and your family’s mood and energy levels as well, so if you are getting bad vibes then you need to see which is that corner which making you sad and dull and let’s  brighten it up and here are some ideas I would love to share with all of you.

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Brighten The Dark Corners of Your Room


Mirrors are the best friend of your home and it can create magic for your home and for the feel of your room, and the tick we are going to use here is, use the reflection technique to pull the natural sunshine in your own room and you can use some of small and big mirrors to keep the light in your home and each and every corner of your home, give each reflection another mirror to traveling the light inside the home;) anyways, take a human size or a long or a big mirror framed with something shimmery and something bright and put the mirror in this corner, keep the angel according to the nature sunshine or you can put a small pure white light right in front of it and this will make the corner supper brighten cause mirrors take little light and have the ability to magnify it ten-fold and it absorb dull white light and reflect brighter light,Brighten The Dark Corners of Your Room.

Mirror Effect For Room


Next thing which can help you get brighter and happier room is pure white paint, you can try painting, furnishing and decorative some whites there, you can pick some nice bright white pieces and put there, avoid heavy-in-sight colors, such as tones of pale grays, dark mustard and deep brown cause they will add some darkens in this corner and will pull it down way more, so pick some whites, you can try some curtains, white vases or wall hangings with white base and it will add some peach and some comfort in your room.

Add Some White Bedroom


You need to be very careful when you pick something loud to put in your room or in your home, wooden and loud furniture pieces can make the atmosphere of your home super dark and dull, if you really need to put some bright loud and wood pieces, put it on the entrance and make sure it get direct sunlight all day long, always accentuate your dark room with light-colored accent pieces that is bright in color and help you get batter feels.

Avoid Loud Shades For Bedroom


You need to create a fine balance between dark and light in your bedroom, room decoration needs lots of time and a smart mind, and you need to use all the smartness you have to keep your room perfect place on the face of earth for you, if you have picked darker walls, you can then use light-colored bedding, curtains or floor carpets to contrast with it, if you are using light beautiful  walls, then they are already giving you a bight feel so you can enjoy darker accessories in your room, put small chandeliers in the corners and they will set the moods of your room well.

Keep The Balance For Bedroom

Keep looking for the answer for your issues and you will be able to make your room the best rooms you could have ever.

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