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Bright Spring Eye Makeup Ideas

Bright Spring Eye MakeupToday we are actually going to try something to rock spring season with some bright pink and yellow frosty shades, I love sharp magenta pink shade and I love to team it up with shimmer and pale yellow shades, they look pretty good together and today we are going to create a very beautiful look with bright shades of blues and pinks and I am taking the both shades from the same platter which will give us the perfect similar finish too.

Bright Spring Eye Makeup

Bright Spring Eye Makeup Ideas

The look we are creating today is a very warm and bright day time look and we are taking super care of base too, I want a perfect base cause that is how we will get a perfect eye and we will be able to make eyes more prominent.

We will start with face serum because it is summer and now the protection of your skin is the most important thing for you now, so buy a face serum which has SPF and some minerals and vitamins too and apply it over your clean an washed face and let it get absorbed fully and then apply foundation or concealer and blend well with sponge and then finish the look with lose powder, you can see that I am taking pale foundation or concealer to get a natural pale look which will make my bright magenta shade look even more brighter and cuter, we will apply natural shade of pink on cheeks with this look and very nice light natural pink shimmer lip gloss with this look and now we are ready to try this beautiful eyes.

Bright Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

We will start with eye primer and we will apply primer all over the lid and now we will give our skin some time to get it absorbed and meanwhile we will groom the eye brow, I am taking pure yellow eye pencil and we will apply a straight line over the crease, and now we will take pale yellow mate shade with small blending brush and we will blend fed the line over the crease and we will blend it over the crease too, we will take another lighter shade of same pale yellow shade and we will blend it over the brown bone too, now we will take the richest and the finest magenta shade you have and we tab apply over the lid, and we will apply all over the lid from one corner to other and if you don’t have the required shade then you can take any mate magenta shade with slightly wet brush and apply over your lid like we paint and give it some time to get dry and it will look exactly the same and will stay there for longer hours too.

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Now we will take super rich bleu shade of same platter and we will apply a thick line under the lower lash line and we will take small brush and blend it well under the lower lash line as we do with smoky looks, cover the whole lower lash line with this shad and we will take turquoise liner and line the water line, now take rich super navy blue gel liner and line the upper lash and create a wing over your upper lash line and finish the look with purple or royal blue mascara.

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