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Bright Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Today we are going to give a new look to my all time favorite eye makeup, I personally think that smoky eyes are the most beautiful and the most fascinating eye look ever, and I keep adding different shades with the same technique, and the beauty of that look is, it always look even more cutter and more prettier and more fascinating;) today we are going to get a smoky eye look for winter season.

For this tutorial I am going to use bright gold-nish brown and I am using a double shade for this smoky eyes, I am not sure that if you have ever tried that, but you don’t really always have to use the three shades of same color, you can use mix and match too, but if you don’t want to be a fashion or cosmetic disaster then pick the shades smartly and intelligently, I was born with light gold brown eyes and I personally think that this shade look good on me, and that is the reason I am using these two shades today and I am hoping that you would love it.

Bright Smokey Eyes Tutorial

We will start with washing the face with muslin cloth and then apply moisturizer and serum and after that we will apply the Prime at eyelids to make it ready for the look.

Now we will apply the black cream or gel liner to the top lash-line and you don’t need to be very carefree for that cause we are looking for some clumsy and messy look and for that you just need to draw a line and then we are going to smudge it, till the outer corner and upward a bit too and we will get a wing looking line, you need to do it fast cause if you are using a gel liner then it would get set pretty quick.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now we will apply the blackish and shimmery eye shadow all over the lid and now you need to make sure that you are covering the black liner a bit, just cover the lines and then smudge it through and slightly above the crease of the eye with your finger tips and then we are going to use any peach or brownish bright shade and we are going to use it on the area above the crease and then lightly blend into the edges of blackish harsh lines too.

Now we need a shiny peach or brownish highlighter and apply all under the eyebrow and then rub it with your finger and you can use a gold and peach shade together too and now you need to take the same black eyeliner and apply that to the bottom lash-line too and smudge the line with a small brush from one corner to outer corner, but you need to keep the inner corner clean, we are just covering the lash line, once you are done with that you need to take gold or bright copper gel liner and apply that over the top of the black eyeliner on the lower lash-line and then take a bright shade to apply the beginning 1/3rd of the lower lash-line, finish the look with mascara.

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