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Bright Blue & Peach Eye Makeup

Bright Eye Makeup For Brown EyesToday we are going to create a very cuter look for brown eyes and darker hair an you will see how difficult it look and how easy it is to apply on your own eyes and I am going to start with plain face.

We will start with plain we will apply moisturizer all over the face and then we will apply foundation or concealer and blend well, we will use lighter shade around the eyes and it will give a brighter looks to your makeup, now we will apply lower powder cause I am looking for a mat look and now we will before apply shade on cheeks, we will apply primer over the lid and blend well, and then we will take perfectly light or pale shade of foundation and will apply over the lid and rub well, now we will give it some time cause I want skin to absorb it perfectly, and mean while we will apply blush.

Bright Blue & Peach Eye Makeup

We are using light peach brown blush for cheeks and if you don’t have that shade then you don’t need to worry, just take light pink shade or plain few dots of orange and apply over the cheeks, now take light brown shade with your fluffy brush and start blending it with your orange shade and trust me, it will look way better than original shade and now seal the look with lose transparent powder.

Now we will start eye makeup and for that take plain lightest brown shade you have and apply it all over the crease, right over the crease and then blend it upward, it will cover your crease and a bit more, but not lid at all, now give it some time and groom your eye brows and now when you will see your shade again, you would be able to see if you left some harsh lines there, so you can blend it again, you need to cover the crease and let it go closer to the starting point of your eye brow, but not near brow bone or not add any more shade, we need very light touch.

Now you need to take royal blue or electric blue gel liner and apply right over the water line and then apply a bit over the lash line too, now you need to take either the same liner or you can use the eye shadow of same shade and apply on the both corner of your 1/3 of lids, and blend well, you need to cover both areas of your eyes, and then let it get dry, now we will take turquoise shadow with small brush and apply over the blue shade and create Vs on both sides and apply some under lower lash line too, but don’t smudge too much.

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Now we will take the richest peach shade you have with small eye shadow brush and apply right in the middle of the lid, use tabling instead of rubbing and blend it, but in the place, don’t rub it in blue or brown shade, now take gel liner with angle brush and apply on tight line, then take black gel liner and apply a moderate wing over upper lash line, and some on water line too, now take same peach shade you use over the lid with small liner brush and apply on the center of the lower lash line.

Now if you have royal blue or blue mascara then you should use this, but if you don’t then black would look great with this look then finish the look with nude peach lip-gloss.

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