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Brain Development In Children

The child brain starts to develop after the second week of conception. It has been estimated that between 5th to 20th weeks 5000 to 100,000 cells have been originated after each second And when he is at the age of 3 years about 80% of the brain is developed and when he is at the age of 5 years about 90% brain is to be developed. So the first 5 years are the tremendous importance in child’s development in all respects as well as in character building.

But all the developments of the child are dependent upon the attention of the caregiver. As the caregiver talking, touching, observing the child attitude and responding his attitude all are helpful in his mental growth and development. As the child is born he is ready to learn, and of course he is ready to develop. So if the proper attention and environment is given he will develop a healthy person.


  • The security and the trust given to the child support the slowly growing structure of the brain by self regulation and self controlling. The young child learns the cause _effect relationship    from his surroundings and develops their own effectiveness.
  • Balanced nutritional feeding.
  • By proper care and continuous attention.
  • Communicating with him in the best way.
  • Giving him the quality time.
  • Providing him the activities according to his age.
  • The secure and healthy environment given to him.
  • Regularly visiting his doctor.


  • By giving him security, protection and keeping him away from threat, fear. Start the care as soon as get pregnant.
  • Give him proper and nutritious diet and vitamins for normal growth of the brain.
  • Develop the support system when you are overwhelmed or need rest.
  • Control all your emotions either positive or negative during pregnancy because all these effect surely to child brain development.
  • Avoid any stimulants and smoking, drugs.
  • While traveling with your baby he will be kept in proper car seats.
  • Visits your doctor appointment according to schedule before and after the birth of the child.
  • Interact only with those persons whom you think not to effect the child growth in negative manner.
  • Beside all above factors be sure that you provide the best environmental factors to your baby as small mistake brings great danger to his health and development.

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