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Boys Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating your and your loved one’s room is always a fun. You play with different colors, design and themes to create a warm, soothing and lively ambience in the room. The diverse individual requirements, interests and taste allow them to decorate their room differently.

The themes, designs and ideas that are ideal for a girl’s room may look odd when utilized in boy’s room, the reason being their interests are different; if girls love to have dolls around, the boys will love to have their favorite characters and toys around. If girls love soothing and light colors, boys like deep and dark colors.

Earlier we had come up with décor ideas for teen girl’s rooms, this time we are here to offer you different ideas for decorating your boy’s room.


Painting the walls is a nice and commonly used idea to breathe new life in a room. While decking teen boy’s room you can play with deep or vivid paint colors such as blue or purple. For putting emphasizes on the walls, set in light colored furniture in the room.

Wall Art along with Shelves

The wall art for the boy’s room should be based on engine activity or athletic theme. Consider contemporary shelving for displaying trophies your child have won in any competition or he has received for his outstanding academic record.


One thing that should be given enough consideration when picking out the bedding for your teen boy’s bedroom is that the beddings should complement the overall theme of the room.

Study Area

While decking up room for your child allocate an area in the room that can serve as the study area. Set in study table, chair and table lamp for the convenience of your teen boy. Table in many diverse styles are available in market. Pick the one that can perfectly complement the room design to enhance its overall look.

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