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Bold Smokey Eye Look

Bold Smokey Eye LookSometimes we all like to change things up right? And we all like to add something new in our day to day life and day to day look, you would not believe that I love wearing my smoky eye makeup during my day to day life and then I start feeling like my going out with nude eyes and then I love to add something new in that look, sometime I add some crunchy shade on my lips, or add some dramatic mascaras and some fake lashes with my thick eyes and today I am sharing a very interesting yet simple eye look with you and if you want to add something newness in your look then that is what can spice up your Monday mornings.

Let’s start with applying the moisturizer and then foundation or concealer and blend well, I want you to use yellowish concealer around your eyes and in triangle shape to get perfect look and then we will apply a plain nude shade as a base of your eyes and you need to use primer too, to keep the look subtle and long lasting and then we will take some copper and brown metal shade and apply all over the lid and then blend it well, and now we will take pretty dark gray shade and make almost V at the outer corner and blend it all the way from outer corner to the upper crease and we just need to define your crease with that, don’t hide the brown copper shade.

Now take some golden highlighter and highlight the upper creases and your brow bone with that and I want you to blend pretty well with your finger and we want pretty transparent finish of that highlighter and then we will add the black dramatic wing in your eyes makeup and for that we are using jet black liner which would add shine and boldness in this bright smoky look and then we will take blue liner and will apply a bold and bright line to our water line and let it get dry and then we will use lash curler and couple of coats of mascara to finish the look.

Bold Smokey Eye Look-

Have you seen that blue and shimmery silver mascara? You can use those if you want to create more dramatic look and I would love to see a silver and blue wing with that look too, if you try that then we would love to see the look.

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