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Body Polish Treatments

Body Polish TreatmentsWe are going to try to give you some simple guide line regarding Body polish treatment and after that guideline you would be able to get the best benefits possible.

Consider your skin type, first of all you need to see what kind of skin you have and what kind of treatment they are giving you, it is one of the most important aspects of body polishing and if they use harsh thing on your sensitive skin then it will harm you a lot, so it is very important to pick the right polish and if you don’t know the right kind of your skin then you should pick the most mildest and the most organic one, and if you are getting skin polish then be very attentive and let your pro know if you get any kind of skin irritation or skin issue.

Make sure you they are using the neat and clean tools and equipments and they are using the fresh and new things and if they are using bowls then make sure they are clean and hygiene cause if they are not then they might be transferring germs from one person to another and if they are not using clean things then you might not be getting any kind of benefits and you might getting issues for your skin and your health.

What if you are using spay treatment at home and what if you are planning to get skin polishing at home by yourself? Let’s see if we can get one at home….
Body polish treatments with oatmeal scrub, yoghurt milk or cream and jojoba oil works wonders for your skin and if you are trying to get a spy treatment at home then you just need to see which one is good for you and first of all hand a Do not disturb sign on the door for next few hours and play same music and let’s start with body massage.

First of all you need to take some hot essential oil and rub all over your body, and make sure you are massaging well, pay attention on difficult areas including knees, neck and other double skin body parts and rub all over your body now take a wet towel and take rose wood oil and spray it over this towel and wrap it around your body for 20-40 minute and sit somewhere hot, if you have sauna then it is best then remove it off and apply a past of oatmeal and yogurt all over your body and then when you see it is getting dry then start scrubbing it off and if you feel that it is hurting then add some oil in your hands and then scrub it off.

Now the only thing is missing is a mask and you can use any mask you want, but I will say the best body mask is a mixture of honey, lime and glycerin and sit with it for 20 minute and take a shower and apply jojoba oil  on your wet body.

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