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Blue Dahlia Eye Makeup Tutorial

Blue Dahlia Palette is a mix and a convenient collection of 5 Versatile eye shades and the best thing about these shades are they are intense and they are beautiful and it give you so much space to play with intensities of these colors and you will get so much to mix and blend and create the new shades and express different attitudes-soft to bold, and you will get matte, satin, shimmer or metallic finishes so let’s start.

We will start with the moisturizer, primer and then we will give it some time before applying the foundation, I would say that if you are trying the new look then go for lighter shade of formation and then apply some loose powder all over the lid and around the eyes too to avoid any  mistake, now you need to apply the blue dahlia color, but remember that you need to use a flat shade brush and apply all over your lower crease of your lid and then you need to smooth down it a bit, if you want to get a bigger and wider eye impression then you can leave the over outer corner of the eye  and now you need to take midnight blue color with a fluffy brush  and apply that over above the crease with soft hands and then blend it with either your finger or your soft brush, you need to blend it from outer corner to inward an you need to fish the strokes to your most inner side of your eyes.

Blue Dahlia Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now you need to pick matte black eye shadow and now you use the technique we use ion smoky eyes and apply that black on the outer corner and make a rough V and then blend it and blend it inward and I would say that you should use a smaller brush and blend with this, now you need your fluffy brush again and take some plain loose powder and blend the edges with that.

Blue Dahlia Makeup Look

Now you need to mix midnight blue and black eye shadow on a pencil brush and now you need to use this to defined the lower lash line and for that you just need to apply the finest and the closest line near the lower lash line and then blend it with your finger, but don’t spread it, just blend it and now you need that white eye shadow or you can use teal blue shimmers too and rub it over the inner corner and finish your look with Liner and mascara and highlighter at the brow arch bone.

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