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Bites and Stings in Children

Bites and Stings in ChildrenAs the summer season starts there are variety of insects come out and this summer season follows with the rainy season which is the ideal season for insect’s growth. The insects’ bites though create the temporary illness and pain as well as swelling but at first sight it is difficult to differentiate between the symptoms of bites and allergic reaction.

Usually the bites and stings of some insects are not poisnous but the bites of some as bees, wasps, and spider are harmful.

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Bites and Stings in Children

Some of the bites as mosquito bite and bug bed are more frequently seen in children.


  1. Bites are seen by those insects which feed on the blood of animals and humans as in case of mosquitoes and fleas. These bites are not as harmful as the poisonous stings of wasps.
  2. The sting is actually the protective response of the insect when it has some danger. These stings are injected in to the upper layer of the skin of the body and are often cause much pain and restlessness until they are not removed from the skin.
  3. Some inset bites spread disease after their biting as malaria, encephalitis and Ross river virus.

What are Bites and Stings


Some children have severe reaction to the bites and stings and they develop allergy. If it happens then there is need of emergency treatment.


The following symptoms are usually seen in case of bites and stings.

  • Poisonous bites and sting usually cause the swelling, redness, with much pain and redness.
  • Non poisonous bites and sting are usually localized and these cause swelling and pain limited to the area of the bite and this pain will remain for short duration. Usually the pain and swelling is followed by itching.
  • If the bite and sting causes the allergic reaction then there might be the symptoms of rashes or some eruptions on the whole body. Some times the blood pressure lowers and the breathing problems are also seen with the bites of some insects.

Symptoms of Bites and Stings


    1. Wash the area of bite.
    2. Apply ice or any other cold compress at the place of bite.
    3. The affected are is raised from the other body.
    4. Some pain killer is given instantly.


  1. In case of bees sting at first it is removed from the skin with blunt knife or some other object.
  2. Then the place is washed and the cold pack or the ice is applied on it.


  1. In case of insects and mosquitoes the repellents are used in home.
  2. The mosquito’s sprays are to be done in homes.
  3. These repellents are to be avoided from mouth and eyes of the child.
  4. Electric vaporizers may be used and are safer for children.

Why Do Bees Sting

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