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BISE Lahore And Girl’s Performance

On Tuesday 24th of July, 2012 Nasar Ullah Virk the Chairman of BISE (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education) Lahore has announced the name of the topper of the Matric class of 2011-2012 session during a press conference at Children Library Complex. The detailed result was announced on 25th of July 2012. Unexpectedly this time there were two students who has scored the top position one is boy named Muhammad Sarmad Waqar from Beacon House School for Boys and second is a girl named Nashka Zulfiqar Fauji Foundation Model High School for Girls.

Both of them have got about the same marks that are 1021 out of 1050. As the time is passing the competition between students to score maximum marks is getting higher and higher example is front of you that the students who have topped are just 29 marks away from the total that is marvelous. Even last time the difference was lesser to 28 marks. There is another thing has come under the consideration that the performance of girls are getting much higher as compared to boys. It has become a routine from last few years that girls are continuously getting the top position not only in Lahore or Islamabad but all over the Punjab.

The ratio of pass students of girls is also considerably higher than boys this is the fact that many of the girls are joining such kind of professions which was tagged with the boy’s category in past times. While talking about particular first three positions it has come under the observations that from past few years these are being inherited to girls from girls. Here are the stats provided by the BISE that:

2012 Matric Result:
Muhammad Sarmad Waqar (1021), Nashka Zulfiqar (1021) both have score 1st position.
Arslan Tariq(1020) got 2nd position
Sadaf Sarfraz (1019) has got 3rd position

2011 Matric Result:
Larabe Farrukh (1022) got 1st position
Saman Habib (1021) got 2nd position
Taimoor Jaffar Ali (1020) got 3rd position

2010 Matric Result:
Ramla Ijaz (1019) got 1st position
Zabreen Tahir (1018) got 2nd position
Muhammad Attique-Ur-Rehman (1014) got 3rd position

2009 Matric Result:
Wajiha Noor (1024) (Highest) got first position
Muneeba Nasir (1005) got 2nd position
Baraira Ahmed (993) got 3rd position

These all stats show on the record results that proved that performance of girls in the field of education particularly at Matric level are even better than boys. It doesn’t mean that boys are not doing well at all but their level of performance is not called as a best in that concern.

This is a good sign and bad as well. The good or you can say positive point is that this kind of stats are encouraging the student to prepare well for performing much better results on the national level as well the differential behavior about boys education and girls education among the people is getting wipe out and they are providing their girls with the same opportunities as compared to boys and better option. While the bad sign which I have observed that the concern of boys toward their study in the beginning level is not satisfactory they are paying their most attention toward extracurricular activities. Government should have to take serious step for both, girls and boys.


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