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Best Yoga Techniques to Get Glowing Skin

Best yoga techniques to Get glowing skin having healthy, glowing complexion is one of the countless desires of women. Ladies mostly resort to different skincare products like moisturizers, face-wash, masks, toner and so on just to restore that glossy skin. Majority of these products, however, don’t actually produce the result they claim. Therefore, it always better to use natural techniques and products. Through this post we will share with you best yoga techniques that will have claiming effect onto your skin. Check out!!!

That Can Give You Yoga Techniques to Get Glowing Skin

Yoga Techniques to Get Glowing Skin


  • To begin, lie on the yoga mat facing downwards with your arms resting by the sides and feet set hip-width apart.
    Bend your knees and grasp the ankles with your hands. Always make sure not to hold the feet or toes as it tends to make you feel highly uncomfortable.
  • Since your entire body weight is lying onto the abdomen, your body will look like a bow at this stage.
    Inhale normally raising your head, chest and legs. Hold the pose on for almost ten 10-30 seconds; bring your chest and legs to the floor and unfold your knees after releasing ankles. Repeat thrice.

Breathing Workout

  • Begin seated on the yoga mat with leg crossed.
  • Close your eyes, calm down and inhale as usual.
  • Now counting ten, take a deep breath from both of your nostrils.
  • Hold your breath with the count of ten and then release; again by counting ten.
  • Repeat the asana for almost 5-10 minutes.


  • Lie down on the yoga mat with your eyes closed.
  • Relax your mind letting it free of all the domestic and official tensions as well as negative thoughts. Think about thing you love.
  • Now, stand-up straight resting your feet apart; cover your face with both hands and breathe 10-times quickly.
  • Rub your face, forehead and eyes gently and inhale 10-times once again.
    Massage the entire face with your fingers and breathe properly counting ten.

Yoga Techniques to Get Glowing Skin-

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