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Best Ingredients to Remove Makeup

Best Makeup to Hide AcneMakeup enhances our natural looks, no doubt, we can crate and we can enhance with it, we can hide our flaws with that too, but it can be one of the most famous and the most major reason and cause of skin issues tooL sleeping with your makeup on your face is the worst thing that you can do to your skin    today I am shearing some very excellent ingredients that you can use to clean your makeup and you can clean your face too.

Ingredients to Remove Makeup

Best Ingredients to Remove Makeup

Here is a List of Things That You Can Use to Remove Your Cosmetic:

Almond Milk:- You cannot imagine how good Almond milk is for your skin and for your looks, it is derived from almond nuts and the beauty of that milk is, it does not contain any lactose and it is very healthy for your skin and for your beauty too, you can take some almond and add some mineral water and bland and mix it until it becomes frothy and creamy and then use as a face cream and mask to get benefits of Almond milk, but if you want to get better results, then you should manage to get almond milk and use it to clean your skin and it not only work magical for your skin and cosmetics, but it will keep your skin younger and fresher too, just take it some almond milk and worm it up and use it as regular cleaning milk and you will love the softness and the shine of your skin after that cleaning, you can use almond milk within a week, after that you need to throw it off and get the new one.

Almond Milk

Cucumber:- Cucumber is basically famous for its cooling and nourishing qualities, but it is very good to clean your skin and your face too, and it not only clean very deep and very affectively, it keep your skin moisturizer level intake too and you don’t get dry and stretchy flakes later on, Cucumber is also beneficial because it exfoliates your skin and kill the germs and remove the dead skin softly and to use it as makeup cleanser you just need to take some cucumber juice and mix it with butter milk and clean your make up with that  and then let it sit on your face for while and then wash your face with worm water.


Soy Milk & Banana:- Bananas and soy milk are one of the perfect combinations to remove makeup from your face without damaging the upper layer of your skin and even nourish your skin too, they both have enzymes that dissolve makeup and help remove the dirt and grime that have settled on your face and at the same time it help your skin to get repair from inside out and to make this magical remover you need to take banana paste and add some soy milk and make a thick consistency with these two things and spread it all over your face and leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it off and you will see how magically it will remove your cosmetics without damaging your skin.

Soy Milk & Banana

Last but not least, in fact my all time favorite cleanser, not only for your cosmetics, but it is very good for your overall cleansing routine too and that is oil cleaning and I have normal skin type and I use a mixture of three oils and that is olive oil, almond oil and citric oil and then sometime I add some vitamin E capsules in it too, try, you will love the results.

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