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Best Facial Mask Recipes

You make many types of Facial mask but today i am giving you to make Best Facial Mask apply for all skin without any side-effect. Best Facial Mask making is too much easy and it is also easy to apply.

Best Facial Mask: 1

Brew green tea, steep, chill. Slice cucumber and add to green tea. Refrigerate until cool. Place soaked cucumber slices over eyes for 10 minutes. This Best Facial Mask use to remove your dark circles.

Best Facial Mask: 2

Peel potato, grate finely. Measure 2 teaspoonfuls into moisturizer, mix well. Apply on your chicks,chin, four-head. Let rest 10 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Try these two Best Facial Mask and get result in 2 weeks, but most impotent thing is that be punctual.

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