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Benefits Of Rose Water

Benefits Of Rose WaterRose is the king of flower not only by its floral beauty but also in its action and colors. Apart from its aesthetic value of ornamentaluse it has multidimennsial effects on our health.


Presumably it is the first flower to be used for extraction. From it rose oil and rose water is manufactured.

Rose water is used in preferably in 10th century in Persia.Today most of the rose oil is produced in that region of the world. In Egypt when we talk about Cleopatra the rose flower come in mind. It was said that she seduce her lover Anthony by bathing in rose water and applying rose oil. In India it is used for cleaning their religious alters. So rose water is widely used from Indian curries to Greek pastries.


Rose water is obtained by process of distillation.In this process abundant amount of rose petals are required and boiled with distilled water .then the steam is collected and liquefied in jars or containers.This process may be carried small as well as commercial scale.


Rose water is a multidimensional natural gift it has many benefits within itself.

  • Effects on nervous system;

The rose water has very soothing effect on nerves, emotional and psychological state of mind. It has mild sedative and anti depressant properties. It is used in giving relief to mental tensions. Stress and hyper active state of nerves get soothe by just inhaling it. In aromatherapy it is widely used to normalize many of mind powers.

  • Effects on digestive system;
  1. It has been widely used for therapeutically for digestive problems. It has widely used for influencing digestion, bile secretion. Womb disorder and circulation. Rose hip tea is excellent for diarrhea, in bladder infection
  2. It is best astringent and tonic for blood capillaries.
  3. It contain vitamin A , B3 ,C ,D, E,.and many important minerals as zinc.
  4. Skin care effects are no doubt hidden by any one. It is used for all skin but especially to recover the oily skin, and have soothing effect on irritating skin.
  5. In foods it is widely used to flavor them, and in juices to increase their refreshing ability.

Rose oil is best for room diffuser and in aroma therapy,

Rose hip (swollen bud for seed formation) has very beneficial effects for this it is crushed and boiled with distilled water   for 10 minutes and strain it,. Add in to it honey and drink it   with all of its relaxing benefits.

In short the flower is a full of tremendous health effect as well as showering for banqueted purpose

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