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Beauty Tips For Summer

Normally we enjoy winter the most and if you ask me what season is good for our skin and body then I would say winter, if you just keeping your skin hydrated then you actually don’t need to worry about your skin or your hair, but sunny season is something that not only very bad for our skin, our hair, our body and it is very bad for our looks, we get sun tan, sun marks, dehydration, all kind of skin issues that comes with hot season including pimples, skin pores, pigmentation’s, skin rashes, and other millions of things and for that today we are going to talk about some simple beauty tips to get beautiful  face in summer too.

Here are some very simple and very effective tips that you can use to protect and help your beauty:

1-    You should at least drink at least 10-12 glasses of water a day, it is very important for your skin and for your body as you need to stay hydrated and you need to keep your skin moisturizer from inside out to keep your skin healthy.

Beauty Tips For Summer

2-    One should void sun rays as much as you can and it is one thing that you can do to protect your skin from harsh and strong sun rays, and if you really have to go in sunshine then you need to cover your body as much as possible, and then apply a the best sunscreen possible and use hat or something to cover your hair and your neck line, next thing you need to do is use sunglasses to protect your eyes and skin around your eyes and take a umbrella with you too.

3-    If you really have to use makeup then you should pick light makeup, and use switch from foundation to tinted moisturizer and try to avoid all of those mineral things that attract sun rays and harsh UV rays.

Homemade Beauty Tips For Summer

4-     Use lip gloss instead of lipstick during day time, as they are the best way to keep the lips moisturizer and healthy and if you don’t have specific lip balm to protect in summer then you should use a sunscreen on your lips before lip-gloss.

5-    Whenever you go out in sunshine, then you should drink at least couple of glasses of water before going out, and that will keep your skin hydrated and safe too.

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