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Hair Beauty Tips For Natural Long Hair Tips

Beauty Tips For Hair

Your hair play very important role to make you look beautiful and attractive. Dull hair makes you look unattractive. You must take care of your hair as you care your skin and face etc.

Natural Beauty Long Hair Tips

Hair Beauty Tips For Natural Long Hair Tips

Here are Some Beauty Tips & Make Your Hair Shiny For Healthy:

Comb your regularly and gently. Avoid combing hair just after washing them because hairs are at their weakest when wet. Brush your hair before taking bath.

It’s very important to protect your hair from intense sunshine because it affects the shine and color of hair. Make it sure to cover up your hair with scarf before going outside to protect them from strong wind, sunshine, dust and pollution.

Massage your hair regularly with oil; it regulates circulation in scalp and also helps your hair grow faster. Do not use unkind shampoos and conditioners as they can damage your hair and make them dry.

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Natural Beauty Tips For Hair:

  1. Make a mixture of Methi leaves, black pepper, a few drops of lemon juice and salt and churn them in a mixer or juicer to make syrup. Drink this syrup regularly it will promote your hair growth.
  1. Rub coconut milk onto your scalp almost 30 minutes before washing them. It will enhance your hair shine.
  1. Massage of raw milk, just like oil massage, makes your hair look shiny and healthy. Wash off hair after 60 minutes of milk massage.
  1. Cashew nuts enhance hair growth.
  1. Brush your hair before going to bed. It will increase blood circulation in the scalp as well as promote hair growth.
  1. To get rid of split ends massage warm olive oil into hair and then take steam regularly.
  1. If you have dandruff problem, apply the paste of jigger, curd and Melanin mitti onto your scalp almost 60 minutes before shampooing to get rid of dandruff.

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