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Beauty Tips For Every Girl

Normally every girl and if I am saying correctly then every girl who like to look and feel good carry so many beauty tips and tricks and we all have some sort of secrets to deal the feature of us that are not very dreamy or that does not look as good as we want it to be, today we are going to give you some simple tips that all girl should know and these are some tips that you might already knew, but still it could be a great check list for all of you, I have been doing these for a while and they work absolutely perfectly for me, they are kind of mix tips for all of you girls.

1-    IF you have fizzy or dry hair and  you need to go somewhere  and you are tired of hair straightening drill then I have a magic look for you girls, wash your hair and apply lost of conditioner, we don’t need a straight look, we just need shine and smoothness, wash your hair and apply hair serum on your slightly wet hair then tie a tight and up bun of your hair and tie it with fabric and let it get dry and then when you are ready to go, just run fingers in your hair and you are ready with beautiful  curls, they look so beautiful.

Beauty Tips For Every Girl

2-    IF you want to create a look in your office or in your collage then never it, like if you want to get beautiful  eye look then always get time to apply mascara and inner eye liner, have you heard of tighten eye liner? Magical touch to get natural depth in your eyes with classy mysterious touch.

3-     Use lash curler and mascara ever time, use lash curler when your lashes are wet and if you have thin tip dryer then use hair dryer while you are curling your lash to thick fan shaped lashes naturally, you can use transparent mascara with sliver touch to get sparkling eye illusion.

4-    If you are not using foundation or concealer, then you just need to take fragrance free baby powder to sweep it on your face, neck and shoulders to get beautiful look and natural sunscreen too.

How to Beauty Tips For Every Girl

5-    Never apply moisturizer or serum on already dried our or dehydrated skin, cause you need some moisturizer to get absorbed cause lotions or moisturizers  evaporates from dry skin more quickly and never keep your skin look fresh and beautiful.

6-    Use some deep body moisturizer or lotion as a hair conditioner once in a week and you will love the result, but let me tell you one thing, the one which does not look or feel good on your skin is harmful for your hair and your scalp too..

7-    At last, best tip ever, keep smiling, be the most forgiving and the most positive person you know, don’t keep grudge against other or your own self.

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