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Beauty Tips, Common Beauty Mistakes That All Of Us Make

Beauty Tips, Common Beauty Mistakes That All Of Us MakeFor grown women, one of the main goals of using hair, make-up, and skin-care products is to hide those subtle signs of aging that become more and more pronounced as we age through our late 30s and into our 40s. Many women don’t realize that, as we age, our beauty processes should be adjusted accordingly. The things that worked in our early 20s don’t necessarily have positive effects as we creep up in years. In fact, some of the things we did when we were younger to bring out certain features can actually contribute to an aged look when we’re a little older. If you don’t want to fall into this trap, try to avoid these common beauty mistakes that lead to a more aged appearance.

Using excess foundation to hide age lines: The best way to cover up those age lines is to apply a light layer of foundation that has been gently daubed with a damp makeup sponge. If you pile it on too thick, it can actually settle into the lines and emphasize them. Instead, go soft.

Giving up eyeliner: Eyeliner is sometimes thought of as more of a young girl’s make-up implement, but it’s also useful for older women who want to sharpen up the rough, drooping edges of the eyes. A thin, dark line at the corners and around the edges can take years off of your eyes’ appearance.

Neglecting to exfoliate: Exfoliating is important for women of all ages, but it becomes more and more necessary as we get into our 40s. This is simply because aged skin takes longer to slough away those old, dead skin cells, and this leads to older looking skin. Exfoliating twice a week can help bring out that youthful glow while also assisting any anti-aging products that you use.

Being too bold: Bold lipstick and make-up colors can work great for younger girls who want to show a little bit of personality and flair. Unfortunately, older women who go bold with their make-up risk looking like they’re just trying to hide something. In order for your make-up to be most effective, it should not be noticeable. The goal is for people not even to know that you’re wearing make-up.

Neglecting sunscreen:
In an ideal scenario, we would all use sunscreen daily from an early age. But let’s face it-young people are far less worried about wrinkles, which means they don’t always use sunscreen as much as they should. Even if you weren’t a big sunscreen user in your younger years, it’s never too late to start. Using sunscreen helps prevent existing wrinkles from worsening, and when it’s combined with a natural moisturizing element, it can even help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Over-tanning: There’s a common misconception that tanning hides the appearance of aging. While a tastefully small amount of tanning can be beneficial, overdoing it is the quickest way to make yourself look older, especially when you use fake tanning methods that create odd yellowish and brownish skin tones.

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