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Beauty Myths & Facts

There are so many things that we should know before we actually apply them on any part of our body specially on our face, here are some realities of super myths of beautiful  for you guys.

Myth, Moisturizer Should Only Be Used For Dry Skin.
Where is the fact is you should apply moisturizer on every kind of skin tone, if you have oily skin that doesn’t mean that you don’t need moisturizer, your skin need moisturizer and you need to find that one that is made for you and is best for your skin tone and skin kind, if you have oily skin then you can try something that comes in gel form and if you dry skin but you don’t want to look gross then you can try something that is aqua based.

Beauty Myths & Facts

Myth, Anti-Aging Products Helps Get Rid Of Wrinkles.
Well the fact they are designed to do few things that are common for skin issues, but they are not a magic in these product or formula that can prevent or make wrinkles disappear, you need to start taking care of coming skin issues even when you don’t have these, cause you can prevent then to have, but you cannot make them go once you got them.

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Myth Warm oil helps dry, cracked skin.
Oil is good, but if you think that warm oils will do something more then you are wrong, it has nothing to do with your skin and it would not do much different, you should try kernel oil and avocado oil for cracked skin and if you keep using that, then it will actually make a tremendous difference.

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Myth Chocolate helps nourish skin.
Fact: Chocolate is a high-calorie sugary food, it might be good for your dry and dull skin, but not cause it is chocolate but cause it is Highly fatty and moisturizer so that deal with dry cells indirectly and has nothing to do with coco beans.

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Myth, Petroleum jelly helps grow eyelashes.

Petroleum jelly is good to make things soft and smooth and make lashes silky and shiny, but there are no proven records that it can actually make your lashes grow longer too.

I hope these will make your life a bit easier and comfy;)

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