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Beautiful Indian Bridal Dresses

Beautiful Indian Bridal Dresses 2015Both saris and lehengas are stunning outfits for an Indian wedding and also offers quite a confusion regarding which one to choose. This dilemma is not only for the bride but for her attendants and guests as well. Since both these attires each have their distinct merits and drawbacks, it is really hard to choose any one; especially because, regardless of whether it is a sari or a lehenga, both are gorgeous, elegant and a perfect fit for a colorful occasion like marriage. However, not only weddings, asari or lehenga can be donned on several other occasions too.

The sari is an unstitched fabric and usually five-and-a-half meters long. It can be worn in many different styles which has won it the title of the most versatile garment in the world. This attire is fit for every occasion as a sari comes in different ranges, varieties and styles. Whether it is a casual or a traditional event, you will always get a sari that fits the bill perfectly. Wearing a sari also has different styles and sometimes you need a longer sari to get the perfect drape. It can be worn in the traditional way or in some trendy sexy style.

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Generally a plain petticoat is worn underneath the sari. The petticoat matches with the color and pattern of the sari. Since a sari is not stitched, you will need sturdy safety pins to hold it properly and attach it to the petticoat. However, one should be very careful while using the safety pins as it may tear the material if pulled by accident.

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The advantages of a sari are that it is timeless, classic, and versatile, is available in various materials and is dignified yet sexy.

A lehengas is three-piece attire that comes with a blouse (also called choli), an ankle-length skirt and also a long scarf (called dupatta). Sometimes a lehengais also called ghagra choli or lehnga choli. The choli can be stylized with attractive cuts, colors and styles. However, the choli is more exposed and calls for rich embroidery work.

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Lehenga is not for every occasion which is the major drawback of the outfit. Women can wear lehengas at parties and also on festive occasions but not in the office or at a formal event. However, in events like these ,a sari or a festive salwar kameez fits perfectly. However, lehenga is more desirable if the security of a stitched cloth is required. The major advantages of a lehenga are that it is sensual, being pre-stitched it is easier to wear and it enhances the silhouette of the wearer. There are several types of Lehenga available in the market. Just like the sari, lehengas also come in a variety of cloth materials, colors and designs.

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Depending on the choli and dupatta also there can be variations in lehenga. Here are some of them:

* Fabric: cotton, georgette, silk, silk georgette, silk jersey, tulle and many others.
* Colors: all colors of the rainbow with smart skirt-blouse-scarf color combinations.

* Embroidery: crystal, sequin, gota, jewel encrusted, with border or without.
* Choli: sleeveless, with spaghetti straps, with sleeves, backless and with various neck solutions.
* Dupatta: broad, narrow, shawl-like, matching with the lehenga skirt or in a contrasting color.

Even saris enjoy different wrapping styles. Some of these include the following:

1. Gujarati sari wrapping style:
2. Tamil sari draping style:
3. Bengali sari wrapping style:

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