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Beautiful Day Time Look For Summer Eye Makeup

Beautiful Day Time Look For Summer MakeupThe look we are going to create today is absolutely perfect for a day time especially during the bright radiant summers and springs, I love using bright and shiny shades during summer days and I always love using glitter sprinkles with it and you would not believe what I just found, it’s a glued shimmer eye glitter, you don’t need to set them to get the perfect look, you just apply your shades and dip your finger in the pot and tap apply on the lid and you will see how they will stay there on your lids all day long, even if you are sweaty, and these glitters were the main reason I decided to create this beautiful  look for all of you.

Beautiful Day Time Look For Summer Eye MakeupWe will start with absolutely perfect neat and clean skin and then we will apply some natural and due fresh base and we will not apply lose powder with this look cause I like shiny fresh natural look and I think it look more cute during day time too, if you have to use concealer then you need to pat some lose powder too, but you not really need to get air brushed look for this day time summer look, embrace your flows to get beautiful look.

Summer Eye MakeupNow we will start with the eyes and you will love this 5 minutes look, you just need to apply some lighter than your skin tone foundation or concealer or primer and apply all over your lid and then around your eyes too and blend well, then we will take rose pink eyes shadow and we will wash the lid with this shade, you need to apply it all over the lid and blend well.

Summer Lips Makeup TipsNow you need to take darker then this shade with small crease brush and we will apply a straight line over the crease and blend well, we will add a light nature looking line to add some depth, then we will take the same shade with angle brush and we will apply under the lower lash line too.

Day Time Look For Makeup KitNow we will apply a dark and dramatic wing, I used shimmer before the liner and it did not come out well, so my tip, apply liner first, we will use liquid liner to apply a wing over the upper lash line and some smooth line under the lower lash line and smudge it a bit too, now we will take glue glitters and we will apply all over the lid and we will give it some time to get dry, try to lean back a bit and keep your eyes close and let it get dry and then once you feel they are set, you will take  some silver highlighter and apply on the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye and finish the look with black mascara an beautiful  pick shade will look absolutely perfect on lips with these shiny eyes, i am not using too bright shade of lip gloss here, but if you like bright shade then you can use a shimmery lips with that too.

Beautiful Day Time Look For Summer

Beautiful Day Time Look For Makeup

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