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Bathing Your Baby

To give bath to the baby is really a difficult job in the first time because the body of the baby is so slimy and flexible that difficult to handle with all the bathing accessories. It is the time when the baby needs constant cleanliness either by taking bath or by sponge bath.

The baby gets dirty after eating, at changing diapers. So he must be always neat with clean diapers, clean clothes and properly scented with suitable fragrance. At the beginning he is given sponge bath when the umbilical stump is not fallen down but afterward should be cleaned several times with sponge bath or by water bath at least once daily. So that he will be remain scented like fresh flower and to be protected from different outer and inner body infections.


  1. The soft towel
  2. Surface which is soft and smooth
  3. Cotton balls
  4. Cradle cap

While giving the bath to your baby the following things should be kept with you.

  • Lay down the baby on smooth and comfortable place.
  • Wet the cotton balls with the water with suitable temperature for the baby
  • Dip the cotton balls and rinse out the extra water from them and wipe the body of the baby. There is no need of soap to be used.
  • The creases of the body as under arms, under joints and at the diaper place should be cleaned carefully. The dry soft and wet cloth is used to wash from under eyelids from inner to outer lids. Then the whole body is dried with soft towel and especially the places where the body get moistened easily. There is no need to use any extra fragrance because some time skin infections create with them.


  1. The things to be needed for such bath,
  2. Bath tub with some soft material,
  3. Soft towel,
  4. Mild soap or shampoo,

Now the following steps should be taken for bath.

  • Hold the body of the baby in such away that one arm of yours under baby head or neck. Keep him in the bath tub with the temperature suitable for his body.
  • Now start to splash water gently on his body by parts.
  • Gradually go to the whole body. then rub the soap or shampoo with the  gentle hands and the whole body of the baby will be whole time handled carefully because it become much slippery and an inch of water is enough for  his drowning .
  • After the body is washed then dried with soft towel carefully at creases of the skin.

This whole process is repeated once in a day or as the baby get, dirty or you feel any smell from the baby.

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