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How to Get a Thinner Face With Makeup

Tow to Get a Thinner Face With MakeupMake up good for you and it enhance your beauty as well. If your skin is nice and fresh you can apply any type of make up on it. First and the foremost important thing for make up is your face base. If this is good then your make up gives complete look to you other wise it will look dirty. The make-up has different type of tips and tricks. This is good for you that you have to know how about some make-up and know that how and when it applies.

We are sharing some very simple tricks to make our face look slimmer and thinner, if you have rounder face and your losing weight is not solving the issue, we are using highlighter and low lighter to do that, normally I use low lighter or contouring to enhance the good features, but you can use bronzer too and it will actually help you with that too.

Base Makeup! Get Thinner Face With Makeup

Bronzer Technique:

I loveeeee bronzer and if you actually know how to apply correctly, you can create contours to make the face appear sharp and thin, always use a bronzer which is one shade darker than your skin tone and it will help you add some dimensions and will add the delicate thinness, suck in your cheeks to find the hollows in them and then apply some shade on them with a thin brush and then let your cheeks go and then blend the shade toward your hairline, and then take some matte bronzing powder and increase the shading, that will add a light shadow effect on your face which will make your face look thinner and then take bronzer and apply on the sides of the nose and then start the shade from temple and drag it under the cheeks and then apply on the jaw line all the way from ear to chin and then star from other corner and end under the chin, now take a bronzer that’s two shades darker than your skin tone and apply under the jaw line and it will make your jaw line even more prominent and will make your face look thinner, and keep blending it toward your chin to hide double chin.

Real Techniques Bronzer Brush

Contouring With Foundation:

If you are trying to counter with foundation or concealer then take two shade of foundation, one is two shades darker than your skin tone and one lighter then your skin tone, not apply the darker one on the Smooth wet worm cotton towel-zone and then take the use lighter one and apply from the center of the cheek to the ear and blend in nicely then blend the darker shade to the temples and hairline to give your face a sculpted look.

Contouring Face With Foundation


If you want to create a slimmer face look the pay attention on each and every part of your face, pick the matching eyebrow pencil and lengthen the eyebrows cause short eyebrows makes the face appear round and full and pay attention on the thinness of your brows too.

Eyebrows Makeup Tips

Highlighting Technique:

Now pick the good-quality highlighter and apply in the area between your brows, on the bridge of your nose, and on the cupid’s bow to draw attention to these areas and away from the fullness of your face and make sure to blend it well.

Highlighting Techniques For Face

Best of luck…

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