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Baby Talk, How Babies Communicate

Baby talk is very effective way of bonding between baby and parents; it is much more effective in developing the emotional affiliation between child and the parent then the normal language. Usually the kid starts to utter the words between the ages of first two years. While he starts to speak he uses his tongue, teeth, palates, and lips. During first two months the child start to   create meaningless voices as “oohh”, “aaah”

But after ward approximately after 6 months these voices become some real words as “mama”, baba” etc and it is the most exciting moments for parents. For the healthy talking there is the need of what type of communication skills the parents want to give there child.

After 18 months to 2 years the baby gets enough command of uttering the sentence of two to three words. The child has the ability to pick the words rapidly which he listen from his surroundings. He understands well and tries to perform different words after observing their phoenix.

The rate of speaking words is categorized in following stages according to the child learning ability:


  • It is observed that as the child is in his later developmental phases and the brain of child is developed fully he start to recognize the voice of mother in uterus. Day afterbirth he used to differentiate your voice from others.


  • As the child start to cry it will observed in these months that his cry has different voices   or vibration of vocal chord in different ways for different things,If you notice you will feel that if he is hungry his voice is different and if he needs the diaper change then the cry will be with different voice. These cries of child are discerned by mother.


  • At this stage some real words are to be listened by their child as “mama’, baba”, come with some meaningless words as ‘yaya’. So it’s the time when the child is able to differentiate between different voices.


  • This is the time when the child start to recognize most of the verbal expressions and able to perform by himself as he started to speak the sentence of two or three small words.
  • 19TO 36MONHS:
  • It is the peak time for learning all the verbal expressions. now there is the great increase in vocabulary of the child as he start to speak the meaning full sentence with all parts of speech as noun ,verb and by using all these verbal skills he can express his feelings, desires and emotions as well as all he feel express very well.

In short that to listen to talk and to read are the major source to enrich the child verbal skills and to refine theses skills.

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