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Baby Solid Feeding

As the child grows his requirements for food are getting more and more to start the solid food to the baby is really a wonder full and marvelous job to start. Now you are diverting your child to the healthy eating and start to developing the taste buds of the child.


Though there is no specific time for the beginning of the solid food but it is thought that its should be started between 4 to 6 weeks old child.


  • It is the matter of great care and observation in child health and his body requirement. Usually there is certain gesture of child which tells that now he wants the solid food.
  • Frequent awaking at night shows that the body requirements for the food are not to be fulfilled with only milk feeding so some solid food to be introduced in the body.
  • Tongue thrust reflex lost. In first four months these reflex work to swallow the liquids in the body and prevent the choking while he does milk feeding. If you keep some solid thing on the tongue he protrude it out and not take in ward so refuses to take but if it is vice versa then he is ready to take the solid food.
  • If he gets the ability to sit up and get head up without any support he is ready to take the solids.
  • Between 4 to 6 weeks the growth rate is rapid so the child demands more and more to eat; he picks many things by himself and keeps them in mouth.


Now a day there are varieties of synthetic foods for the complete nourishment of the child. These are made according to natural formulas and helpful in child growth but it is better to start with your own making. As follows;

  1. You can give the child cereals by making them so soft that these may be easily swallowed by her or him.
  2. Different fruits as banana and pulp of some fruits should be given the pulp of mangoes full of nourishment.
  3. The dairy products as yogurt egg cheese should be given by mashing thoroughly.

World health organization suggests that the baby is given solid food 2 to 3 times a day when he is 4 to 6 months and 3 to 4 times a day when he is 9 to 11 months and afterward the quantity is increased with the passage of time.

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