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Baby Skin Care

baby-skin-careBaby Skin Care – There is nothing softer, gentler and cuter than a baby’s skin. Similarly there is nothing more irritating for the baby than a body rash, pamper rash or skin allergy. Babies are very prone to skin allergies especially during the initial few months of the birth and therefore require special care for their skin.

Although most of the rash problems does not require special treatment, and these go away by their own, but you need to be very careful while knowing, which problems should be left untreated, which should be immediately brought to the notice of the doctors.

Few skin problems and their cares are as under:-


  • Diapers are the biggest source of skin allergies or skin problem in infants. If you feel that buttocks from area of diaper are reddish and specially the upper joints of legs are reddish and have become sensitive,

you must care for the following:-

  • Never put diapers too tight.
  • Don’t leave wet diapers for long.
  • Use the diapers that suit the skin.
  • Use of wipes or soaps could also be one of the causes of diaper skin allergy.

For prevention, you must remove the diaper as soon as it gets wet, keep the skin open for as long as possible (setting aside your own comfort) and select the appropriate type of diaper from market.

Pimples on Baby’s Face.

  • If your baby gets pimple on the face, normally its because of transfer of mother’s glands in the babies. You need not to worry much, since these shall wipe off by themselves in due course of time.


  • Few babies develop birth marks after few months of birth. Actually these birthmarks are there at the time of birth but these get more prominent as the time passes. Truly speaking you should not get worried for these; however, if these bother you much, you may visit the doctor and consult for better cream or ointments.

Persistent Dry Skin on Birth.

  • Few babies also have dry skin that normally peels off, in few days of birth. This is normally due to late births, however, if you feel it’s prolonged, you should visit the doctor.

Talcum Powder.

  • Mothers often use talcum powder to keep the babies skin dry. Its not advisable, since the minute grains are inhaled by the infants and causes asthma or similar problems. Although the corn starch based powder is better option, but yeast eats corn and causes diaper rash on babies skin, so its better to avoid it


  • You must be very careful in selection of anything that touches the skin of your babies that includes detergents. Use gentle detergents. Even the blankets, towel and bed sheets should be the ones which suits your child.

Avoid Direct Sun.

  • For the initial 6 months, avoid direct sunlight to the child. Since this might cause sunburn in babies. Later on you may use umbrella, hat or even sun block creams. In case of sunburn, immediately report to the doctor. You may apply sunscreen to the skin which is not covered. Zinc oxide is the best answer to your next question.

Use Sunglasses.

  • If your kid can handle, must use sunglasses, this will save delicate skin around the eyes.

Bathing Time.

  • While bathing, don’t keep your child in water for longer duration. 3-5 minutes should be enough, use mild hot water, dry the skin, apply moisturizer and dress him / her properly suiting the environment temperature.

Baby Massage

  • If your baby feels irritate specially at time of sleeping, do oil massage, and its going to provide soothing and relaxing effects during the night while keeping blood circulation normal in the body.

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