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Baby Sitting Tips

Your baby sitting tips is the priceless gift of the nature. You have to care it and secure it in all ways. In spite of this you have to teach him many baby sitter skills and make him a strong responsible person. So it is the full time job.

Babysitting games, Usually the infants start to sit in between the age of 6 to 8 months. As they grow their motor muscles get strengthened and they are getting ability to hold their body without any support.

However the following instructions to be followed for the better posture during sitting;

  1. In order to make the child to sit erect at back position is the difficult task in the beginning and you have to do effort for this. At first he will be learned to sit with the help of some support, as by placing the cushions or pillows at his side and his body is raised in upright position. You can do to stay your child in your lap in sitting position.
  2. As he starts to maintain his body in upright position he must be allowed to sit without any support and reliance.
  3. while the child is sitting watch that his head will be erect not to move at side wise and his back is erect have no bend in it, a same for his trunk, not to be leaned in any position.
  4. While the baby is sitting in feeding chair the posture of the baby is much important for the efficiency of digestive and breathing system. Similarly true for the alignment of the head, so that any choking is avoided.
  5. While the child is sitting in high chairs, car seats, and any playing seats the safety measures are always be strictly followed.

So help your child in his sitting because any single mistake brings great injury.

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