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Guide to Baby’s Vision and Hearing

Guide to Baby's Vision and HearingAs the baby born his physical and mental development reaches to the certain extent. This developmental process not ends after birth but at different stages different senses are to be developing more and more. The sense of hearing, touching, smelling and sighting develop gradually. Usually after first month his sense of hearing is start to work fully same is true with sense of touching. But the sense of sight takes time to develop to such an extent as you can see.

The new born though can see different things at the distance of 14 to 18 inches but he can not focus the things. His eyes can catch the reflection of mom and dad hands or the light coming from the window.

A Guide To Your Baby's Vision

As the baby grow after one month he start to take interest in moving objects and in the objects which are of brighter colors or with sharp colors, at the age of  one to two months he can just see not  focus the images persistently but it has been observed that at this stage the black, red and white color attract the attention of the child and at this stage if you talk or sing before the baby you will notice that  his eyes cross you try to focus at times but can not do perfectly.

At the age of three to four months her eye sight is developed much that he can be attracted almost by all colors and his eye and hand coordination is also to be developed much. Now you can catch his eye sight by smiling and doing silliest body gestures.

At between 5th to 6th months his eye sight developed to great extent and now he can recognize many related faces and food objects for him. But the formation of focused images still to be in progress


The eyesight can be developed in better way by following certain tips:

  • Place different colors of toys before your baby so he can capture as much shapes and colors and form more images in his mind.
  • Try to give him time to crawl more; it will be helpful in developing hand and eye coordination to great extent.
  • Try to hang mobiles and mobile toys at your baby’s crib
  • Give him such toys to which he can look by holding in his hands.
  • Take good care of his diet which increase his eyesight abilities as VITAMIN A, it should be taken in appropriate quantities during child feeding as well as in pregnancy.

Feeding Baby Tips and Baby Vision and Hearing

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