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Baby Shower Ideas

The term baby shower is used to give the gifts to the expected mother, in some cultures it is the trend that recent or impending delivery or the birth of the child is celebrated by arranging a party and the gift are presented to the parents.

Traditionally the baby shower is celebrated only for the birth of first child and only the women are invited in this party. The logic behind this celebration to give the newly mother the instruction and lesson for motherhood, but now it is celebrated for successive, adopted children and the men are also invited in it. It is also not uncommon to celebrate more then one baby shower party, one with friends, other with family members and with co workers.

There is no hard and fast rule for its celebrations. For some cultures it is thought not good to collect gifts on behalf of new born. It is actually in some culture only women social gathering with the objectives of rejoice the event. In Germany it is celebrated by the father at the birth day of the baby and the drinks are presented to the friends.

In India it is celebrated by the in-laws of the expecting lady at from 5th to7th months and after war the female is send to her parents till after delivery she is given fruits and flowers by the elder members of the family and by friends. The women also wear her bridal dress and groomed like a bride. It shows the great love affection and fun of the others towards her.

Any how while arranging the baby shower party the following things to be considered.

  1. Time of the party either before the birth or after the birth of child so that to show the child to the family and friend for the first time.
  2. The budget of the party whether to give the meal to the guests or snacks to the guests.
  3. The location of the party, whether in home if in home which is the best location of the home to be decorated for guests’ ad for their refreshment as well as for marry making.
  4. The theme of the party is also preplanned whether to invite couples or to decorate the location with toys and flowers and teddy bears. It is the first party of the new born so it should have great fun.
  5. The gifts selected for the baby to give in baby shower are toys, feeding pots, milk bottles. Cradles, books for ideal motherhood and on child care.  Baby beds etc.

So it is great event of fun and the great gathering.

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