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Baby Neck Skin Rash

Infants and babies are prone to different skin infections because their skin is very tender and they are not immune enough to fight off the infection causing germs and bacteria. One of the very common skin conditions babies experience is rash which is often found in deep furrows of the skin folds, particularly in neck fold.

These rashes are bit itchy and at times painful therefore bring a lot of discomfort for the child. The discomfort and pain caused by rashes sometimes tend infants lose their appetite and as a result they start becoming weak. To avoid such severe condition, it is crucial to treat the skin condition as soon as possible.

Causes of Baby Neck Rash

There are many factors that play role in bringing about rashes such a damp skin, heat and humidity etc.

  • Babies are highly susceptible to have neck rashes as their neck area remains moist because of moisture from sweat, spit up and dribble. This persistent dampness provides ideal environment for the yeast to grow in neck folds and make infant rash happen.
  • The infants, especially below four months, can’t lift their neck and the neck folds chafe against one another. This rubbing contributes to neck rash.
  • High humidity and heat trigger miliaria rash, rash with itching and petite red eruption.

Treatment for Baby Neck Rash

The key to prevent and cure infant neck rash is to prevent the moisture in the neck area.

  • Keep the neck area dry.
  • Cease the use of soaps containing abrasive chemicals.
  • Apply cornstarch on the neck area. Be careful while applying cornstarch so that it doesn’t come in contact with facial skin.
  • In severe case consult a pediatrician.

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