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Baby Hearing & Hearing Test Baby Development

Baby Development | The baby is a complete individual within itself. As he born all senses are developed to great extent but after birth the developmental phases continue to start. The senses which are partly developed now reach to their full complexity and start working gradually.

Baby hearing sense is starting to work at the end of first month of his birth. But not to full, he start to respond the familiar voices and by the help of these voices his brain development take place for physical gestures as sitting, crawling and talking.


  • When the baby reaches to three months he can start to respond fully to different voices. At this stage her temporal lobes which are associated with hearing, language and smell are now fully stimulated and actively working. So now when the mom or any familiar person calls him he or she will start to stare him and try to respond by understanding the call.


  • At this age the baby fully recognize you, his name and can differentiate between different voices. Now he starts to answer your voice by gurgling.


  • Usually the baby sense of hearing develop when he is very young but it is better that you will check it by doctor so that if there is any problem it may be resolved early.


  • It is the common observation that the voices which the child hears in his early periods play great role in his personality building. We often see that some persons are soft spoken, some are not. It is due to fact that what they hear in their early development becomes the part of their personality and it changed the whole scenario of their life.
  • So  at the early period when their senses are at developmental stage they must be heard variety of good sounds which leave the best impact in their memory and become the part of their nature, as reading good books, soft soothing music, Moral rhymes and also ethical lessons in recorded story forms. It is also observed that the baby get to be more involved with the voices which are rhythmic.

It is better to check the hearing of the child by visiting the doctor and by performing different hearing test frequently.

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