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Baby Grasping

Baby Grasping-A baby is the precious gift of God, before his start to grasp you, you have to grasp him in a most beautiful manner so that he will grasp the whole world beautifully and will make it heaven.

The grasping and grabbing the different objects is developed as the baby “s first month. He tries to hold your thumb as you open his fist. In the beginning his hands are clenched and his fingers curl around each thing which you give him or he found during his play. His grip is so strong that sometime you have to do struggle to take the thing from him. He hold the mother clothes, hairs, jewelry as necklaces, so usually at this stage the mom not wear such things which make the trouble for the baby.

This is the stage when all such small things as buttons, coins, colored pills, are to be kept at the places where the child can not reach.


  • When the baby is of eight week old, His grasping sense is too strong and he makes a strong grip but this will be with opening and closing of palms after few seconds duration. This is because his reflexes are developing fastly and at the same time her motor muscles are start to be working.


  • When the baby reaches to the third month his eyes and hand co ordination developed and now he will hold the things in hand after noticing it and still now his grip is not fully though strong but  open his  fist after few seconds when you touch his  palm. At this stage to make the better reflexes it is good to hang different playing objects at child crib or spread different toys infront of him and he is allowed to hold them in his own hands.


  • Now the palmer grip is developed to great extent and he can hold the larger and soft objects in his hand and now the grip is not too strong to be opened with difficulty. Now he can grasp the thing with loose grip and when the palm is stroke he will open the fist.


  • Now the pincer grip is developed, he can hold the small objects with soft texture with the help of his thumb and index finger. At this stage he can e developed the habit of eating by himself, but under your supervision.
  • At the age of one year he is fully learn how to hold the different objects in his hands, but make sure that what he grasp will not be harmful for him and it should be done by watching strictly at his hands all the time when he is playing with toys.

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