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Baby Fever

The child is as delicate as flowers. They may get any problem if not handled with care. These are the most fragile creation. So they should be looked after with keen observation of their surroundings as well as their inner anatomy.

Baby fever is always worrisome for parents because as parent they can not bear any problem of the baby so if the body temperature of the baby gets higher then normal it is the call of proper attention. If it is frequent then to be handled with proper medication.

There may be certain causes of fever in babies:

  • As the babies immune system is very weak and they get to be infected very easily so with each infection there body temperature shoots from normal.
  • Sometime they can not bear the harsh ness of climatic factors as too cold or too hot so they get to be feverish.
  • Sometime the fever is due to some natural process occurring in the body as teething may cause the fever.


  • Fever it self is not a disease, it’s only the part of story or to say is just the symptom of some underlying reason as infection, respiratory distress, diarrhea. Etc. In any this case of body with fever he may become irritable, listless, Lethargic, peevish, feeding less, sleepless and all these need to be the call of doctor.

However following measures should be taken to cure this.

  • Take the temperature of the infant frequently with the reliable method and thermometer. The temperature is taken by keeping the thermometer at under arm or at the lower of the body.
  • The child should be kept well hydrated by giving him the fluids freaquently.
  • The body of the child is not covered by extra clothing, but the rule of dressing the child a layer more then you works well. If necessary give him bath with Luke warm water.
  • The over all condition of the child as appetite, thirst, sleep and weight all should be given to the doctor in detail.
  • If the child is under 3 months and the fever elevated more then 103then there will be the requirement of emergency treatment and sudden call of doctor
  • Keep the child away from unnecessary people or gathering.
  • Make the environment comfortable for the child.
  • If the child is much irritable as most often it happens then the fussy child should be given quality time and try to entertain as much as you can.

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