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Baby Crawling

Baby Crawling| As the baby grows there are different body gestures you will notice. Among t he baby mobility features the crawling of the baby is first one to amuse you and also shows that the physical health is perfect  and  at the same time a measure of motor skills of the baby.

It is the process by which your baby first learns how to keep balance at knees and at the   elbows. Usually the babies start to crawl in between the age of 6 to 10 months.

There are certain tips for baby crawling:

  1. It is the process on which some babies are master by it if you place them on the floor at tummy lying position.
  2. You can use the roller placed under their elbows and he tries to move automatically with the roller. The rollers are of solid material but these may be of any other inflatable material. The solid rollers are more preferable.
  3. Now draw the child by gently holding it to his elbow and give the support with your arms, so that it looks that he is start to climb at your elbow.
  4. You may lie down in front of the child at your elbow position and your face toward the child face and talk or amuse him so that he can be laid down at this position for longer time. In this way he is also encouraged for such body gesture.
  5. The cardboard box is also helpful for baby to crawl. If its pointed ends are cut down and the baby is allowed to enter in to it he will take enough interest in it and become master of crawling.
  6. The moving toys or the cars or any other with wheels help the baby to learn their crawling process easily.
  7. It is also observed that as much as he is placed freely at the floor he learns the process of crawling easily.

So as long as the child learns the crawling he is ready to sit and stand rapidly so it depends all upon your efforts.

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