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Baby Colic and Remedies

Baby Colic and RemediesThe baby when comes to world you feel that now you will be comfortable with it. But when he got some problem then it is the time to think that he is facing the most severe trouble of the world. You first try to diagnose and then to relieve the trouble.

You forgotten all other things and try your best to stop the cries of your baby and to get him free from this trouble. You had forgotten all greetings which you got at the time of his birth, now you just attempt that your baby gets rid from the pain.  The baby colic is also one of the painful states for baby as well as for mom.

There are Following Indications to Tell That The Baby is Suffering From Colic. These are as Follows


  1. The baby with colic is very much irritable in his every doing. He is extremely restless and agitated.
  2. The medical community says that the colic in baby follow the “rule of three.” It starts between the three to six weeks of his birth and remain up to six months.
  3. He draws his legs and uncomfortable in each position.
  4. He shows aversions to feeding. And start to cry every time after feeding and stretch his body.
  5. His hands are clenched and feet cold.
  6. The cries are very loud and remain in this condition for one to four hours.
  7. The feeding time is the most difficult time for the baby.
  8. It also observed that if any one parent has this problem then the baby is at great risk of this, so the grand mother of the baby may guide you well.
  9. It is also observed that colic time is usually at afternoon or at evening time.

Colic Treatment Feeding Tips, Diet, White Noise


It is suggested that the soothing noises helps the baby to relieve. One of such noise known as WHITE NOISE the voice of whoosh, which the baby heard during nine months of pregnancy. It is the voice of flowing blood in the placenta helps to sooth the colic of the child. The CDS are also available for the treatment purposes.

  • The use of gripe water is also effective to  give the relief to the   baby
  • Certain natural herbs as chamomile, fennel, caraway, ginger, peppermint, lemon balm, aloe, and vegetable carbon, also give relief to the baby.
  • To move the baby also gives him relief as by moving in a walker or by swaying with sling, or by   baby carrier. So all this is help full for soothing him.
  • Changing the diet formula and diet plan of the baby is also helpful for the fussy baby.
  • Massaging the baby is also helps him great that acidic content to be reduced and the tension in the body of the baby is reduced to great extent.

Baby Colic Treatment Natural

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