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Baby check List

The time of the delivery is the transition period between happiness and fear. It is the time when journey of nine months is ended with reward of new gift for you, But before to receive this gift you have to prepare for it by purchasing some accessories for him. As the new mom it is very difficult for the first time what are the basic requirements and essentials for him so here is the list of things for new born babies.


  • The first thing the baby requires is the place where to keep your baby after coming to hospital.
  • It should be with proper furnishes as baby bed, baby cupboard and decorative items. The paint used in baby room is of any bright primary colors and according to his gender. As for baby girl it might be of pinkish shade and for baby boy it may be any pastel color. There are different toys as teddy bears, colored alphabets, bunnies etc.


  • The baby bedding should be sturdy, neat and clean covers and pillows. It is with mattress not much fluffy until the baby can not move. It should not be placed near to the windows or doors. And it should not be placed at such places where heating and cooling arrangements directly hit to the baby.


  • Baby feeding depends upon baby feeding style as breast feeding or bottle feeding or both side by side.  For breast feeding you need also breast pumps and breast pads if there is any leakage it will be absorbed by it but not placed all the time in bra it will be uncomfortable for you, In case of bottle feeding you need two or three bottles and nipples with suitable holes and also the sterilizing items to wash the bottles after use.


  • Baby clothing is the first need of the baby. These are of soft and comfortable stuff and you must have enough clothes for baby because the baby needs clothes to be changed many times a day. Baby gown and baby towels with baby napkins all are required. A baby diaper with enough stock is required.


  • Baby also needs bath tubs, baby shampoo, baby lotions and all things to be made of gentle nature not of any harsh ingredients or any synthetic materials.

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