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Baby Bedtime Routine

It is the pleasure enough to get the child to have peaceful sleep after the whole day exertion of yours and him. The healthy bed time habits are use full for you as well as for your baby.  If he gets uninterrupted sleep he will awake with good mood and be more active. So it’s up to you that how you make his habits of sleeping to get all the benefits of it. The following things are helpful for developing the bed time routine of the babies.

  • Try to prepare the child few minutes earlier for going to bed and to sleep.
  • If he has separate room for his it is well and good but the important thing is to make the room for him the most comfortable and relaxing place, not a place where he thinks that all the activities are now banned for him. So for this purpose you will spend time with your baby in that room as you spend time in living room.
  • Before to sleep try to  give your child some soothing activity as story reading as soothing music or some such activity by which his hyper energy to be slow down and the calmness is created in his activities. It will slow down the stimulating nerves and he gets relaxed and goes easily toward sleep.
  • It also to be said that if we give the warm bath to the child it will also help to the baby to go to sleep easily.
  • The baby must given some food or milk or some snack which has proteins and carbohydrate. The carbohydrate makes him sleepy and the proteins fulfill his nourishment.
  • It is also observed that if some milk bottle is given to the child it will become his habit so try to avoid this so that the choking or any other problem is eliminated and the teeth of the baby remain intact from cavities.
  • It is also necessary to change the dress of the baby and the dress.

For sleep should be soft and of cotton stuff and loose so that he feel comfort in it.

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