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Ayyan Ali Racy And Sexy Photos: Is Model Going Too Far Like Mathira?

Ayyan Ali Hot And Sexy Photos and PicsFashion is my passion and I love to promote the latest fashion trend in the region. But I hate the things which Ayyan Ali is promoting. Though, Ayyan Ali is the top, young and emerging Pakistani fashion model but do you not think that she is going too far.

Maybe you still don’t think but I am sure that you will think after see her dressing on several events which she wore on public place. These pictures are not leaked by any friend, website or source—these are leaked (Proudly) by Ayyan herself.

In the last few years of this century, Pakistani fashion industry has progressed in last ten years none of the other industry could progressed in the same manners.

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Few days ago, Ayyan Ali, who started to work in the age of 16 when she was offered for modelling and with in the short span of time she made her self demanding in the modeling industry, arrived at the red carpet of 1st HUM TV Awards 2013.

She was looking so bold and racy at the event in her loose dress which was really revealing a lot. Even she showed off her major cleavage from the very loose dress.

One of the big reason of the development and progress of the fashion industry in Pakistan is that the fashion industry has introduced a lot of the new faces to the media and most of these faces has made their name in the fashion industry.

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Pakistani model Ayyan Ali is also one of them who got fame due to glamorous and beautiful look. But I was really shocked to see her some of the wardrobes.

The 19-year-old face of the high profile Pakistani fashion industry is belonged to UAE as she was born on July 30, 1993 in Dubai, UAE.

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In her young age she have a deep interest in the modeling and fashion which forced her to tend toward fashion industry not only as a stakeholder but also as a fashion models or either i should say super fashion model.

What do you think after see these pictures that is Ayyan Ali going too far? Write your words in the comments section below so that I can take review on my words about this vulgarity and boldness.

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  1. Re: Ayyan Ali – modes photo –
    Please understand – get out of the box thinking- show biz does not revolve as you think.. Neither these pic ‘too far – nor sexy or racy – as you perceived. infact these are nothing – nor this model has any stunning purportional body of a super model with abs. curves – slim or trim. Over expecting – over expectations . She is doing her best – wearing a tight jeans or some slack with little cleavage is nothing – Have you ever seen former victoria secrets : JASMINE KHAN – (PAKSITAN father and German Mother- resides in Canada. Yeah once upon a time she was famous and kind of super model – who had graced the covers and cats walks of Victoria Secrets.

  2. “this vulgarity and boldness.” – that statement alone is utter nonsense.

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