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Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss

Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss-We all know that weight loss is one of the most common issue these days, everyone wants to look perfect and slim So they try to lose a bit, there are 100s of ways to lose weight including medical ways, surgical ways, home remedies, but I bet nothing is more effective and reliable than Ayurveda, this is the knowledge of medicines and issues that we have even before stone age, we know that there are many herbs and shrubs that we can use to treat our health related issues, we know that there are some oils that can treat your many skin and hair issues, but we are not expert in that, but there are some who devoted their lives to learn and spread this knowledge and today we are going to pick some treatments for weight lose.

Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss demands certain alterations in your lifestyle, it will make some changing in your eating habits, your drinking habit and the way you treat your body , but after all these things they will certainly give you the result of perfect healthy weight loss.

Foods that you should eat: There so many healthy fruits and vegetables that you can eat to get best looking body possible, green leafy vegetables and sugar free fruits are highly qualified food and that will not only maintain your healthy digestive system, but they are good for your weight loss too, you are allow to eat ginger, mango, papaya, apple, and pineapple and all other healthy fresh fruits, if you can chew ginger root then it will help you very rapidly, but ginger tea mixed with lemon is also very good, other spices are good, but salt is not a very good option if you are trying to lose weight.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss

Now few things that you need to add in your lifestyle, you are not allow to go on diet at all, cause this is the best way to increases craving for bad things, like if you are on sugar free diet then I bet you eat more sugar then your regular routine, so from now you just eat when you feel hungry, and will stop eating once you start feeling your food in your stomach or when you finish your plate, always pick smallest portion of food possible.

You need to understand that eating is a work, the way we breath, our body make energy and we go for shower and for urinate, you cannot make it a way of entertainment, it is not necessary that you eat when you are watching TV or movie, or you are out with friends, don’t eat foods when you are walking or traveling.

Now we need to add a rule of nature in our life, we are not designed to eat while it is dark outside, so don’t eat when sun is setting or it is too dark for morning, eat in day time like from 7 am to may be 7 pm, but not late than that.

Drink as much water as much you can, it is so very important for your body and for clarify your system and your body, and never confuse thirst with hunger, sometime when we start eating something that is actually a feeling of thirst, so when you feel hungry drink water twice and see if that helps or not.

Add 69-89 minutes of yoga in your lifestyle for best results.

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