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Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy Life

We are sharing some very simple and very easy tips for you to get healthy and blessed fit life and if you follow these tips you will get a very positive and healthy lifestyle.

Drinking lot of water, no matter what you eat no matter what you do, you need to drink at least 12-18 glasses of water in a day and you cannot substitute it with any liquid, no matter what juice you drinking and what healthy drinks you taking, you have to drink 18 glasses of water, The frequency of drinking water and the way of drinking is more important, you should drink water in three sips and add some ice in it.

Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy Life

Eat healthy fresh food and it is better if you are eating vegetable and fruit and try to minimize the use of meat and dairy and that will be really good for your system and your body too, never eat too much or less and try to eat when you are hungry and always drink two glasses of water when you planning to eat food   and try to divided your food in three to 4 potions and never skip snacks and 2-3 cups of herbal tea.

Ayurvedic Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Never ever skip Breakfast you should always eat something as soon as possible, it is best for system and your metabolism and if you want to kick start your system then it is best that start with something worm and sweet and if you don’t have time then you can start your day with milk and apple and that would be perfect for your breakfast.

Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy Hair

Eat something light in evening, never eat after 7 and if you feel fuller after 5 meals then it is best if you eat something healthy and something soft and if you can eat soup then try different type of soup  as your diner.

Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy Skin

Try to fast 15 days a month; Fasting once a week can be very beneficial for your health too and try to start your fast with something light and that will help you and your system and it will clean your colon.

Take a nice and peaceful sleep

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