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Avoid These During Pregnancy

Avoid These During Pregnancy & Best Pregnancy TipsI know how much you love your looks and how much you have suffered to get this absolutely perfect body, and now when you are pregnant and you are carrying your baby with you all the time, you have to sacrifice almost everything related to your looks, I know that you will gain weight, a lot of weight, you will lose your shape, you will get , stretch marks, swollen ankles and the list goes on and one and on, but still all of these prove worthy when you get your baby in your arms.

Today I am going to share a simple list which you should see and follow cause these are few things you need to avoid while you are pregnant, actually these are some typical unpleasant things which can make your baby unhappy and your baby will feel unsafe and unhappy, I bet that would be the last thing u would want “Avoid These During Pregnancy

Avoid These During Pregnancy

Some Things Avoid These During Pregnancy


Have you ever thought that why small things are making you so touchy and so emotional, do I know why small things make you sad and small things become great deal for you nowadays? Well! the answer is hormones, since you are behaving like a small cannonball of emotions and we all know that daytime TV is the root cause of most panic attacks, so my advice, avoid these during pregnancy TV, just don’t watch TV, ever, well at least until baby is here cause you should feel happy and good, cause if you get scared 5% your baby will get it 500%, I am not exaggerating here.

TV Habits During Pregnancy Can Affect Child's Weight

Difficult Toddlers

If you already have kids then it is not for you, cause you cannot through your kids for new baby, but if it’s your very first baby then you should avoid Tantruming Toddlers, you don’t need to go near a toddler avoid them at all costs, I know you would be thinking why! Well they behave very strangely, If you go near them they might try to hurt you to see what happens when then hit the bump and that is enough to make any pregnant lady want to run a mile away from these kids, next thing, their behaviors would make you think about your baby and you might want to change your mind about the baby ad trust me, your baby will feel that “Avoid These During Pregnancy”.

Dealing With a Child's Difficult Behaviour- Pregnancy

Say NO To Sushi

This one was extremely sad for many of you because I know it is a very yummy food and we all love to have it, but you should not eat raw fish for 9 months, indescribable! Right, but you have to do that for your baby, it’s not safe to eat this during your pregnancy.

Eating Sushi During Pregnancy

Clothing Stores

I know that sounds funny, but don’t go to your favorite clothing store, unless they have maternity range or you can still fit into your size 8’s or otherwise, this trip would be heartbroken one, you would love to try new stuff and it make you feel sad that you cannot cause of your bum and that will make your baby sad, so try to stick with ONLINE maternity cloth and save the serious shopping until baby has arrived.

Pregnancy Clothing Stores

High Heel

Normally ladies feel that it is okay to use high heels and you feel confident too, but don’t take risk, as I told you, you have to think about your baby during these 9 months and you should not take a risk of heels during that time, Last but not least, you should avoid these during pregnancy negative people, all those who has some sort of opinion for everything and who make you feel bad about your current situation, or who say you use to look beautiful , which will make your feel you don’t look beautiful  now or something like that, AVOID These During Pregnancy.

Is it ok to Wear High Heels in Early Pregnancy

Be happy and look after yourself, you matter a lot:)

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