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Asthma in Children

Treatment Asthma in ChildrenUsually it is a difficult situation to see the infant in some trouble. As he can’t express himself- asthma is the problem when the air passage gets to be infected and develop swelling in the respiratory tract with the increase secretion of mucus in it. It is the chronic diseases and due to this the surface of lungs gets to be tightened and the respiration gets difficult in inhaling and exhaling.

Usually the children who get asthma have the history of some allergy of respiratory tract and get to be more vulnerable to this disease. It is difficult to differentiate between the asthma in children and the cold or wheezing due to some other reason when the child is below 5 years.

Asthma in Children

Some Things Asthma in Children

In older kids the lung function test can be performed by taking there breathing rates but in infants it is difficult to recognize whether it is asthma or some other problem of respiratory tract.The air passages in infants are already very small and if these are stucked by mucus then these become more congested so there are the symptoms of wheezing, coughing and difficult breathing. These symptoms are also seen in case of other viral infections of respiratory tract and also in bronchitis. So the asthma in infants is carefully differentiated from other respiratory problems.


Following steps should be taken by the parents as preventive measure for asthma;

  1. Not to smoke near your baby, the baby with asthma in children or with some other respiratory infection gets to be more easily attacked by the disease.
  2. Milk of mother is the best remedy to fight against asthma in infants. So breast feed your baby as much as possible at least for one year. It will helpful in his cure.
  3. When the infant go to solid food he must be given fish. The fish contain omega 3 fatty acids and these are helpful to fight against this respiratory problem.
  4. The pest  are kept in home then it will be helpful for the child  to combat with the disease
  5. Don’t take any preventive measure for bacterial respiratory infection. It is observed that the children who have respiratory bacterial infection will have fewer chances of asthma in children attacks.

How to Prevent Asthma Attacks Naturally


It is usually thought that child are kept away from environmental allergens as  mites , molds, dust etc, but it is observed these child who have such allergy are resistant to asthma allergy.

How to Prevent Asthma Attacks at Home

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