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Asma Khan Miss Pakistan World 2012 Finalist In Denmark

Pakistani families are not limited to be lived within the boundaries of Pakistan but they have traveled all over the world and living in almost all the sub continent of the earth. Recently Asma Khan from Denmark has participated in the Event of Miss Pakistan World for 2012 and she has been enlisted as the finalist for the title of the Miss Pakistan World 2012. Asma Khan has participated in the event on the behalf of Pakistani Community in the Denmark , she born in the Copenhagen, Denmark and right from her birth she is living Denmark her families belongs to the Quetta, Baluchistan Pakistan.

Pakistani Youth especially women are representing Pakistan in all over the world through different mean but the most they have made their name through Glamour and show even Pakistani fashion designers and models are working on the international level and representing their country with their best. Asma Khan is also one of those women. Asma Khan admitted that being at this stage is a fruitful but she is not the only responsible for that but her parents have a great role she told that her parents always respects her dreams her sisters, friend and even her office colleagues helped her a lot to ge5t prepared for the event.

Asma Khan has a deep interaction with the modeling but she is not a professional model as she always emphasis on her education with the priority basis. She is an employee in an international engineering company COWI. But this is not it she has worked part time a freelance model she has also worked as a ramp model for the Designers cloth but that was not up to the level of a professional. While keeping the study on the priority side she never miss to participate in the sports event as she is a good footballer, checkers and quite good in the pool but she kept them as a time pass hobbies.

Well during a deep interview she talk a lot about the things which are concerned to her as she said, ”I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends and love cooking various dishes for them. I enjoy watching movies in the cinema and going to concerts (especially charity concerts.) I have always been interested in charity work. I not only donate to charities but have also enjoyed volunteering my time. Most notable of my volunteer work has been a program for troubled teens where we provide them counseling and after school activities. I also collected funds for the Pakistani flood relief program in Denmark like many other Pakistanis. I will continue to do charity work in the future. Social work is as much of a priority to me as work and family.”

While talking about her future plans if she becomes a Miss Pakistan World 2012 she said “I will use this event to project an image of a progressive Pakistan to the world. Within Pakistan, I would use the media to highlight the various issues and challenges facing Pakistan to encourage dialogue to resolve them. I would continue to do social work for Pakistan. I am really impressed with the work the Edhi foundation has done and would work to support them in any fashion I can.”


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