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Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial

Today we are going to try some very dramatic shade to create the famous Cleopatra look and for that you need to have lots time and very steady hands and for that we are going to use bright shades instate of using jut black liner with gold dust, we will use liner and we will add some glamor too, but we are going to use colors too cause I always things that If she was so good regarding inventing things for her looks then how come she never tried to get colored for her eyes and how come she never tried to invent shades and bright highlighter;) Anyway, we are lucky enough to have all the shades and colors we want and we have all the texture  and types of makeup we like so we should try to take the advantage of these things and create something that do look like inspired from her, but we would add our own touch too.

We are going to use Eyeshadow Rainbow Palette  with shimmery Aqua Blue, shimmery Purple, matte Black + Milk Chocolate shade+ Naked + Cream Eye Liner in Purple +Cream Eye Liner in Black + Black Kajal Pencil+ Washable Mascara.

Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial

We will start with applying moisturizer and primer all over the face and then add some face powder over it too and now you we will take cello tape and as I told you earlier, we will apply that over the angle from below lower lash liner to wear the eyebrow ends and this will give us the wing which was very famous in her time and to get that look we need to use some tricks, now the first thing that you need to do is apply black gel liner  and draw a rough wing with it and you don’t need to get a very neat and study look cause your wing is safe with the tap.

Use same black gel and make a beautiful almond eye look with that and you need to create a Cleopatra shape with it and now you have a rough eye look and now take purple gel liner and roughly fill it in between  the space between 2 black lines we draw earlier, now you need to take aqua blue color and rub it over the inner corner over the purple shade, but you don’t need to blend it at the moment, we are just creating the look at the moment,  and now you need to take very shimmery purple shade and rub it all over the remaining purple base and now you can rub a bit, but you need to remember that you have used gel form so don’t mess with the base.

Create an Arabic Eye Makeup Look

Now you will take matte brown & purple eye shadow and I blend it over the crease area and you need to make sure that you are not over blending, now take some matte black eye shadow,  and we will apply over the crease, but not too much  and now you need to take light, shimmery almost nude color and we will use it as a highlighter cause we don’t need too much pulling, we just need some push, now take black gel liner and draw a line exactly over the tape cause that is the cut we are going to get over here.

Now remove the tape and you need to use jet black liner to draw the lower waterline which will go up parallel to the upper line with some gap between which we will fill with aqua blue shed, finish the look with mascara.

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