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Anti-Aging Makeup Tips

No matter if anyone admit it or not, but everyone like to look beautiful and younger than their original age and for that they do so many thing, but we can trick our looks too no matter what you are dealing with, but these are some simple tips that will make you look at least 5 years younger than your original age and you can enjoy the simply look too can you don’t need to add too much foundation or too much shade on your face to get that look, so are you ready to deal with your aging skin? Just follow these simple tricks.

Moisturizing Primer, as we are trying to get beautiful younger looking appearance then we cannot forget the importance of primer and we cannot find anything better than one with healthy and aqua based moisturizer, apply a moisturizing primer before putting any cosmetics on your face and if you are dealing with some fine lines then you need to apply the rich moisturizer and apply on slightly wet face and let it absorb in the fine lines, it will dry patches of skin and create a smooth canvas for your foundation and concealer and it will make you feel hydrated and make you look younger and it would be best if you have vitamins A and C in your moisturizer or in your primer.

Anti-Aging Makeup Tips

Foundation and Concealer are very important for your younger looks and you need to know how to blend it well and for that you need to use sponge rather than fingers cause finger lines will leave lines on your face, and you need to use one shade lighter and that which has strong coverage and which has transparent reflection cause it will reflect skin smoother and clear and will make your skin look younger can prettier, and always try to use face powder at the end and use the transparent one for long lasting coverage.

Thick Eyebrows: – When we age, we lose hair from scalp, skin and on your lashes and brows too and if you are want to look younger then you need to get thicker lashes and brows and you can use castor oil for that and you can use make up pencil too and if you want to get the real and original look then use one which is exactly similar to your original shade or you can use slightly darker too, but not the opposite one like never use black if you have brown eyebrows.

Anti Aging Tips For Face

Cream Blusher is the best thing to create the natural healthy shine and for that you can use one light pinkish and peach one which will make you look fresh and moisturized and will make your look like 5-7 years younger and avoid to create odd lines and you can use dotes on your cheeks and then blend it well with your make up sponge.

Plump Lips are best way to create the right kind of look and I would say that use beautiful shiny lip gloss in your day to day life and use moisturized lips tick on something special and you will look extra ordinary.

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